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This review gives a very good introduction, with copious screenshots after reading the review and you are convinced you will find this tutorial on installing Puppy Linux useful.

This is not an advertisement but a referral to help me get more storage space for Puppy 412 Packages. Anything Helps. If you have a Dropbox account you will find this useful.

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Posted on 5-Jul-2014

Much as I have enjoyed running this website I will no longer be maintaining 412 Collection and would advise Puppy-412 users who are using older hardware to upgrade to Puppy Linux Wary for an improved experience.

I have a more up to date PC and Puppy-412 is not as good as it could be on my newer hardware and I have upgraded to Puppy Linux Racy-5.5 which performs much better on my newish PC. Although the website will still be here until the domain name expires on 12th July 2015 it will no longer be maintained.

Many thanks to all the Puppy Linux fans who stopped by here for a look and gave me feedback over the years.



P.S. Don't forget to visit new version of Puppy Wellminded search -

FL Burn

Posted on 07-May-2014

FL Burn 'darry1966' has been pretty busy again compiling pets and here is a CD Burner from him. FL Burn is very simple and is good with ISO's and works well with older Pups and very good on extremely low ram hardware.

Thunderbird 12

Posted on 07-Apr-2014

Thunderbird 12 There was a request for Thunderbird-12 on the forum but this particular version did not seem to be available so here it is. Although I prefer to use webmail myself but Thunderbird is an excellent choice of email client.

Xorg driver update for various cards

Posted on 04-April-2014

xorg logo Thanks to Patriot on the Forum for making these Xorg video drivers and to darry1966 for making me aware of them and have been mirrored here.

Wellminded Search

Posted on 21-Mar-2014

With the website being down for some time now with no sign of it reappearing although the Google Custom Search still exists. I have included it as part of 412 Collection so Puppy Linux users can have somewhere to access this well used Puppy Linux Search. I have also included a link (right hand column) on the main navigation to it from each page

Adobe Reader 9

Posted on 09-Mar-2014

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9, while not exactly what you could call Puppy friendly weighing in at a hefty 58mb and may not be for everyone although you can have more than one PDF opened at the same time and has tabs for all opend documents. Although if you are using a more up to date hardware you will find it very good. According to Adobe you should have a 1.3-GHz processor or higher, 512 MB of RAM and 985 MB of available hard-disk space.


Posted on 04-Feb-2014

Swiftfox Browser I have noticed from this sites web stats that by far the most popular browser in use by visitors is Firefox 2.xx I would recommend that visitors using this older version of Firefox to upgrade to Swiftfox-3.6 (external link), a version of Firefox optimised for Linux and get a superior browser.

I briefly tried Firefox- from the P4 repository and it loaded pages fairly slowly. Although Swiftfox is no longer available from the above link although I had a copy from a while back and I have packaged it to give it a spin and I did noticed a speed improvement using over the older version.


Posted on 23-Jan-2014

Lazpaint image editor I packaged this before I realised that it had already been packaged. Anyway, here is Lazpaint-5.6 very similar to Paint.NET although not in the same league as Gimp. There is more information on the Lazpaint wiki, including links to video tutorials on YouTube.

412 Collection Update

Posted on 10-Jan-2014

You'll be glad to know I have ditched Windows and I am back using Puppy 412 exclusively. As a committed Puppy user I knew I would not be able to put up with the grief of Windows for too long before returning to Puppy Linux.

Now that 412 Collection has my full attention once more I am presently giving the site a bit of a makeover that should be completed within the next week or two. While I've been away darry1966 has been very busy with his AnitaOS, check how busy over at his section on Sourceforge. I will include darry1966's improvements for Puppy-412 here as well as more packages for Puppy 412.

Back soon.

412 Collection Update

Posted on 12-Nov-2013

If you visit regularly looking for new additions then I apologise for this. Unfortunately I have had to use that other OS, Windows for the time being, the problem being I am unable to dual boot with Puppy 412 on my newish PC. Hopefully this will only be a temporary situation and will be resolved in the new year.

Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.

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