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This review gives a very good introduction, with copious screenshots after reading the review and you are convinced you will find this tutorial on installing Puppy Linux useful.

This is not an advertisement but a referral to help me get more storage space for Puppy 412 Packages. Anything Helps. If you have a Dropbox account you will find this useful.

Latest Addition

Thunderbird 12

Posted on 27-Nov-2014

Thunderbird 1.5 and 2 ‘Dewbie’ has been busy again modifying Thunderbird 12 and making improvements by adding ‘technosaurus' nobus (dbus / dbus-glib substitute) which is built in so it is no longer needed as separate dependency so Thunderbird launches on its own. Many thanks ‘Debwie’

Thunderbird 1.5 and 2

Posted on 24-Nov-2014

Thunderbird 1.5 and 2 Thunderbird v1.5 and v2 are two earlier versions of Thunderbird before the bloat started to appear in the later versions. These versions are as usable as the latest version for your email and news.

Many Thanks to 'Dewbie' for supplying these two versions of Thunderbird email client and pointing out my packaging of v2.0.0.24 which had some errors and which are now removed.

Critical vulnerability in pre-1.16 versions of wget fixed

Posted on 03-Nov-2014

Swiftfox BrowserPuppy Linux users should install the two following packages with the red heading as they fix two recently discovered Linux bugs.

All current and past versions of Puppy are affected but as usual the guys on the forum have been quick to get a fix out there. Puppy Linux-4.1.2 is affected and you should download and install download

Bash Vulnerability AKA SHELLSHOCK

Posted on 26-Sep-2014 ( Updated 6-oct-2014 )

You may have heard through the media by now of the Bash Vulnerability and the guys on the forum have been busy applying a patch to the Bash Shell. If you are not sure about what the situation with Puppy Linux please check the appropriate forum post

I have included the updated patched version of Bash below and here from Wary/Racy. Many thanks to mavrothal (forum name) for the update which works with Puppy-4.1.2.

Download (567kb):

Puppy 415

Posted on 06-Aug-2014

FL Burn‘mikeb’ (forum name) has put together a rather nice XFCE puplet using Puppy-412 as a base Pup_415_v2.2.1.iso. It includes Gimp-2.4.6 and a very nice Dropbox GUI plus other goodies. Download, burn and enjoy.

Website Update

Posted on 03-Aug-2014

I said previously that "I will no longer be maintaining 412 Collection" but I have have had a change of heart and will continue with the 412 Collection. I have changed a few things, firstly I have changed the guestbook to a more up to date comment system (link at the top of each page) that visitors may find a better option, especially if visitors would like to ask questions.

Lastly I have included a link to the improved Puppy Linux Search Engine in the right hand column that I have set up after the demise of

FL Burn

Posted on 07-May-2014

FL Burn 'darry1966' has been pretty busy again compiling pets and here is a CD Burner from him. FL Burn is very simple and is good with ISO's and works well with older Pups and very good on extremely low ram hardware.

Xorg driver update for various cards

Posted on 04-April-2014

xorg logo Thanks to Patriot on the Forum for making these Xorg video drivers and to darry1966 for making me aware of them and have been mirrored here.

Wellminded Search

Posted on 21-Mar-2014

With the website being down for some time now with no sign of it reappearing although the Google Custom Search still exists. I have included it as part of 412 Collection so Puppy Linux users can have somewhere to access this well used Puppy Linux Search. I have also included a link (right hand column) on the main navigation to it from each page

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